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We’ll let you in on a secret…But you can’t tell anyone…




That probably sounds a little strange, right? Here we are, one of Prescott Valley’s most ELITE Real Estate teams saying that you should stay out of the MARKET? Why would we do this?


Well its very simple. WE ARE TOO BUSY! We have hundreds of buyers trying to get the absolute best deal for their new home. And while INTEREST RATES are at near RECORD LOWS, its difficult to keep up with the THOUSANDS of local buyers we have in our filing cabinets. I mean, you should see our records, they’re a MESS!


And the Selling side is no better. So many HOMEOWNERS are taking advantage of the current market to CASH OUT on their investment. And with the low interest rates, buyers seem plentiful.

And now that it seems that our ECONOMY is starting to BUILD again, so many people are ready, willing, and waiting to make their next real estate deal and get themselves into a better situation.

So you can see how BUSY we are! We work so hard for each client that we work nights and weekends just to work around their schedules!


But, we suppose that we can always fit one more client in. So stop by anytime to find out what we can do for you. And we may have to give you a free gift when you do (While Supplies Last).



The Zazueta Team

8363 E. Florentine Rd.

Prescott Valley, AZ 86314


Office: (928) 237-3768

Janet: (928) 458-0695

Fax: (928) 717-2478




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